eSocialMedia has a proven methodology for helping to improve the sales processes and effectiveness of B2B companies.

We provide companies with tailored advice and recommendations, project management, technology development and integration help and training to enable sales and business development professionals to get more meetings and convert more business.

We work with you to identify the bottlenecks in your sales process and then show you how to use online content and online interaction to free up those bottlenecks and improve sales conversion rates and increase revenue.

Whether you are a small B2B business with 2 staff or a multinational blue chip company with 300,000 staff we can help you and we have a fantastic track record to prove it. We have helped law firms, recruitment companies, accountancy firms, business consultancies, technology and telecoms companies, construction and engineering companies, online advertising companies and even defence companies to improve how they sell.

If you don’t know what your target audience talks about online or where they talk, or if you don’t understand how social media can help to source leads or opportunities or how online content can address buyer objections before they even occur then you are missing out on revenue opportunities and should talk to us straight away.

If you would like to understand how digital and enterprise social media could help you to improve your sales and business development processes then contact us to arrange a free initial consultation where we will meet you and gather information from you in order to give you some free advice on how to get started.