eSocialMedia has a very successful and proven enablement program called eSocialEnablement that helps both direct recruiters and agency recruiters to source and engage candidates or clients online via content driven marketing and convert online interactions into face to face meetings or interviews.

In only a few weeks we can take any size of organisation from a standing start to a point where their recruitment staff are sourcing, interacting, engaging and convincing clients and candidates to meet for sales meetings or interviews. We show recruiters how to listen online and also how to create and use relevant online content throughout the recruitment or sales process to demonstrate expertise and build trust and credibility. We also train recruiters how to interact online to convert more candidates into employees or more employers into customers.

eSocialMedia has helped multinational employers like Microsoft and P&G all the way down to small niche head hunting companies with only 6 recruiters.

Get in touch today to understand how we can enable your whole company to interact online to achieve real and measurable recruitment results. Let us help you to get more meetings and interviews with the right people and to convert more of those interactions into placements or instructions by employers.