The way that customers interact with companies online and via mobile has changed. Customers have more questions, higher expectations and are presenting more business opportunities to companies online if companies understand how to communicate effectively with their customers. However effective use of social media has helped companies like Dell to decrease their customer services costs by 40%.

eSocialMedia works with companies to help them improve how they interact with and help their customers online and via mobile. We help you to understand your target audiences and understand their user experiences including their online and mobile interactions both with you and your competition. We enable companies to listen online and understand their customers from a digital perspective and we provide and advice and training on how to insert online content and online interaction into the customer experience in order to improve it.

For example we might show you how to use social media monitoring technology to listen online to your unhappy customers or those of your competitors and show you how to create useful business intelligence from that monitoring and feed it back into your business processes so that you can interact with those unhappy customers and convert them into happy customers. This improves net promoter score and helps retain customers or even win customers from your competition.

We provide digital audits of your technologies and processes and make recommendations on how to improve your processes. We can also provide training on the recommendations or we can provide a dedicated project manager to implement the recommendations.

If you think that your customer experience could be improved from a digital or mobile perspective then get in touch today for a free initial consultation.