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Matt Lewis

Chief Social Media Specialist

Experienced communicator, with a proven track record of success, combining broad employed experience with a strong academic background. Expertise in public relations, social media, public and governmental affairs, communications, and branding. As of October 2012, employed as a Social Media Specialist by eSocialMedia, London's leading social media consultancy. Expertise in developing and implementing social media strategies in order to enable companies to socially interact online with clients and talent, in line with their strategic business objectives. Previous roles in UK-European political campaigning, in-house private sector marketing, and brand development and consultancy.

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act, and what it means for you One of the big draws of Facebook, and the raison d’être of Instagram and Flickr, is the ability to upload your images to share with friends, family, indeed the rest of the world. Well, I say ‘your’ images… Recent...

Clock-Icon May 9, 2013 | author-Icon |

Towards the tail-end of 2012 LinkedIn implemented a number of changes across the site, most noticeably to users’ very own profile pages. This is part of the move by LinkedIn away from simply being a place to store your online CV, to a network aimed at, in their own words, “telling your...

Clock-Icon Jan 23, 2013 | author-Icon |

Social Media for Lawyers 101 – Why do lawyers and law firms need social media? A law firm requires the same basic attribute for sustained success as does any other business, be it a mechanic, an airline, or a wine merchant: a steady stream of customers willing to pay for its services. For this to...

Clock-Icon Nov 2, 2012 | author-Icon |