How to choose a professional LinkedIn profile photo?

There are some fundamental things required to create a good professional LinkedIn profile. This article will provide you with some tips for selecting a new LinkedIn profile photo. It is the first aspect of your LinkedIn profile that people will see. It can damage your credibility if you have a poor LinkedIn profile photo. Don’t waste your time investing time and effort into a profile unless you are willing to complete it. A good LinkedIn profile photo is the first step to a 100% full profile.

The profile photo is a very important element since it allows users to put a face to your name. Also, when you send an invitation/inMail to someone, this person needs to know who you are and what you look like. First impressions are made based on photographs and invitations/inMails can be refused as a result of a poor or unprofessional profile photograph. Recruiters for instance spend 19% of their time on your online profile. A good profile photograph won’t get you an interview/deal but a bad one could lose you the interview/deal.

So here are some useful tips to consider when selecting a LinkedIn profile photograph.


An example of a professional photo

A professional LinkedIn profile photo - Kieran Hannon

What makes a professional LinkedIn profile photo?

LinkedIn Profile photo tips

Use a recent photo

Always choose a recent photo because it shows what you look like currently and shows that you are self-confident. Older profile photographs can give people the impression that you are insecure about your age.


On the photo, be alone

It is your LinkedIn profile, your name, so it is normal that you are the only subject on your photo. Far too often people use images from bars/clubs or you can see other people’s shoulders in the image where they have been cropped out.


Look at the photographer’s lens

It gives determination, seriousness and authenticity in your eyes when you look into the lens. Beware, this does not mean that you must have a serious face. You must have a pleasant facial expression that makes them want to work with you.


Wear professional clothing

It is very advisable to wear dark colours like blue or black. For men, you can wear a shirt and jacket. For women, avoid wearing a strapless dress. Remain neutral and simple. Avoid too much makeup for women/men J


Finally, be consistent

Don’t forget to put the same picture on all your professional profiles. It demonstrates a consistency and it shows that you are currently active on multiple social networks simultaneously.


Include yourself in the photograph

Some people use images or company logos instead of photographs of themselves. This is a bad idea anonymity may seem advantageous to some people but it has connotations of secrecy and breeds mistrust. It is usually a practice carried out by novice users of the platform. I personally feel it is quite unprofessional.


No photo?

Bad idea. This is best way to be ignored on LinkedIn.


Don’t use a picture of you which is pixelated, blurry, poorly framed

This is unfortunately not professional. As I said in the introduction, it must be professional.


Don’t use an inappropriate background

To realize your profile picture, it is recommended that you use a neutral background with one colour. Dark backgrounds can absorb the light in a picture and can present a poor personal image. Bright backgrounds insinuate positivity and energy.


To conclude this article, remember that it is important to have a 100% completed profile to give maximum information to your target audience. Everything is moving and changing very fast today and companies want to know quickly who you are, what you can do. Don’t spoil a great profile with a bad picture.