Using Social Media to start a business

salesSome companies may think that they are too small to use social media effectively to help their business. Having worked with companies of all sizes and types to help generate awareness, engagement and new business, we know that is not the case, but it is great to have real-life examples to prove the point that no business is too small.

Love Fitness Education is a Fitness Education Training Provider that delivers high quality training to those looking to become personal trainers or enhance their current qualifications and was set up by Brian Walpole in London. He says “As a service provider our business relies heavily on new clients and we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest as an innovator and a new age training company that could adapt to the changes currently taking place in how we engage socially and more importantly through business”.

“I have no doubt that we have been able to achieve that from the expert guidance and support we have received from eSocialMedia. We have successfully moved through the stages of creating our content hub and information platform and website, mastered the necessary SEO techniques and then optimised our Google rankings. We are really pleased with how social media has helped us.”.

How has using Social Media helped your business?

“The process started with the building of our content hub. This hub provides us with a resource to write and post blog articles with topical content that will appeal to our target audience. We got training in monitoring the social media space by listening to our competitors and potential customers; this information was priceless and has completely changed our thinking on our marketing strategy. From here we were given a clear strategy to continue to grow our social media marketing techniques and become proactive in engaging directly with customers, clients and supporters.

I have worked with companies in the past who have portrayed their knowledge of internet marketing as some kind of wizardry and something that I would never be able to understand but this is not the case when working with eSocialMedia. They constantly ensure that I was in control of what was happening and explained everything on a level that I could fully understand. This gave me huge amounts of confidence in their ability and made their service the foundation of my online and social media marketing strategy. “

What kind of results have you seen?

“By creating the right kind of content which really appeals to our target audience, we have seen progress in our search rankings so that we are now on page 1 for our chosen search terms, and this has directly resulted in an increasing number of enquiries which have turned into business.

Also the eSocialMedia team have successfully identified conversations online which we have been able to join and convert those people into customers.”

How would you summarise your experience?

“Despite the rise of social media as a business tool in recent years, I was nervous that it would be over-complicated and costly for a start-up business, but that has turned out not to be the case, and I must say that is largely because of the pragmatic approach eSocialMedia has taken me through.

Because of my experience over the two years in working with them to develop my business, I am now such a supporter of the power of social media that I find myself promoting it to everyone I meet.

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