Social Media for Professional Service Firms: Are you serious?

eversheds logoProfessional service firms are starting to move out of the experimental stage of social media and are starting to get real business related benefits

Thankfully, we’re moving out of the phase when lawyers and accountants think that Enterprise Social Media is all about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms associated with ‘domestic’ social media and the B2C market arena: they are now realizing that Enterprise social Media is just the next step on in the life of their digital strategy.

The more innovative organisations in this sector are now getting to grips with how a carefully thought out social strategy will start to build the credibility and trustworthiness of their organisations and the individuals within it, resulting in them delivering more value to existing clients, and gaining new clients.

Their strategy is typically based on creating and joining online discussions using high-value content. Doing this well demonstrates their specialist knowledge and creates the opportunity to connect with their target audience in forums and discussion groups: LinkedIn discussion groups are a key vehicle for this.

One of the early movers in this area is Eversheds, the world-wide, innovative law firm. As Gareth Pezzack ,their Global Head of Marketing explains in the video below, they have taken a pragmatic and professional  approach to the area of social media, making sure it is what their clients need and going to great lengths to ensure that the key players are onboard and fully trained.

It is great to see from an independent survey in the Lawyer this week, (not least because of the role we have played in assisting Eversheds on their journey!) that they are being recognized as leaders in their field.

As the survey says, “The company, [Living Ratings] which regularly benchmarks financial and professional services communications, ranked law firms alongside with major accountancy firms. Its research found that Eversheds was the law firm with the greatest social media presence.”

You can read a summary of the report in The Lawyer by clicking here:

and the full report from Living ratings can be read here: .

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