The value of the ‘Use Case’ for Jive Software

Jive Software

Tony Zingale CEO of Jive Software

A few weeks ago we attended a breakfast event put on by Jive Software. To start with I have to declare that Jive is one of our many partners so we do have a connection with their business but I wanted to share what was a really enlightening event.

Jive is a business that provides businesses with online collaboration and  communication technology. The company is literally changing the way companies do business online. Now I’m not one to harp on about technology companies and I firmly believe that business problems are addressed by people and not just technology but listen to this:

Jive engaged a leading business research company to create a third party, research based report that showed:

15% increase in employee productivity across Jive’s clients

13% increase in revenue per sales rep across their clients

9% decrease in customer services support costs across their clients.

Those are pretty compelling statistics to keep your attention no matter who you work for.

The room was full of Jive clients and the companies who provide services around their technology so they were in many ways preaching to the choir, however the company CEO Tony Zingale was in London from San Francisco and it was a good opportunity for me to see in person why they are breaking so much ground. They do what they refer to as the ‘Challenger Sell’. It means that they challenge business leaders on how their staff, clients and suppliers are communicating online and they show them that there are better ways to communicate for business beyond simply using email or sharing information via traditional intranets. One of their sales executives explained that they don’t respond to RFP’s (Requests for Proposal) because what they do hasn’t been done before. So they politely defer because the client is not ready.

Tony Zingale explained that the report found that in most companies there were 28 hours wasted by each employee searching for and using information and that Jive’s internal communications tools were making it considerably easier to find and use information.

So this is where I started to get very interested; There was a stat shared that 70% of change initiatives in all organisations fail (I forget the source so apologies) and this sounded about right to me from the companies I have met who have tried and failed in the past to change their behaviour when communicating online for business. Jive have come up with a methodology very similar to our own to make sure that doesn’t happen with their customers.

They start with what they call a ‘Use Case’. A use case is a strong case for the use of online communication to address a specific business objective or a need in the organisation. They look at what the company is trying to achieve and put a lot of thought and work into applying the ‘Use Case’ addressing why and how their technology could be applied to improve on what is already being done in a team or department or business function. We at eSocialMedia always start with a client’s quantifiable business objective so this really was music to my ears. They don’t implement the whole business at once they need ‘Use Cases’ before applying their technology and methodology in each business area. Once the ‘Use Case’ has been drafted and clearly applied to addressing a business challenge they then put a lot of time and effort in to educating leadership on digital and how their solution if applied properly will help. Kim England from Pearson was there and said that we should never assume that leaders understand Social Business and they need training and that is one of the most important parts of making behavioural change successful.


This reflects what we hear from the members of the Digital Leaders Think Tank – that in order to be successful you need to tie your digital activities to real and quantifiable business objectives which leaders care about and then you need leadership buy-in to the solution and for them to be accountable for the input by staff and to be prepared to measure the results and reward success.

If you are a leader in Digital, Communications or Marketing and want to understand how to get engagement from leadership when it comes to digital communications for business, consider what your ‘Use Case’ is whether that be for using LinkedIn, Jive, Twitter, Yammer or any media or technology. It starts with some very simple questions like; Why are we doing this and how will it work?

It sounds simple but sometimes the most effect solutions to problems are simple.

If you have experience of using Jive for business let us know how you found it and the lessons that you have learned :

Also if you need help with your ‘Use Case’ get in touch and we’d be happy to help.