What is Content Seeding?

This Slideshare presentation explains what content seeding is and shows how successful it can be by showing an example of how Futureheads, a digital media recruitment specialist, used it to spread a blog post.


The way this was then spread online and reached a substantial audience, hinged on 2 key decisions:

The first was selecting a title for the content which would appeal to the target audience (in this case, it was “Top 10 things User Experience Leaders will be looking for in 2013”). This was deliberately designed to be of interest to the User Experience community.

The second was the initial group the content would be posted into (in this case a specialist group within LinkedIn).

The end result was that within just a few days, this post became the most popular blogpost ever made by the company, representing over 20% of the direct traffic to the company site. These slides explain how the post was repeated by various people on Twitter, mentioned in other peoples’ blogs, and posted on Facebook pages. Seeding the right content in the right places is a process which takes comparatively little time, but can dramatically expand the audience for a particular piece of content.

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