Social Media for Recruitment Companies – Creating relevant content

winnerAs we work more and more on social media for recruitment consultancies, we continue to see that the biggest opportunity to maintain content creation comes from making sure that the type of content created is focused on exactly the same things that drive recruitment consultants on a day-to-day basis.

This is not exactly rocket science – especially for small companies to succeed with social media for recruitment when using a content driven approach to making new contacts and closing more business, almost all members of staff need to help in the creation of content: but of course, everyone is busy doing their day jobs, so unless creating content will help them with the most important things on their ‘To Do’ lists, then they will find it hard to get around to it.

The most important things on the To Do lists of recruitment consultants invariably boil down to these two things:

  1. How do I find enough good candidates to fill this position?
  2. How do I find clients who are looking to fill a particular position?

So, the trick to making all this work is to make sure that the content they are creating is based around the specific job titles for which they trying to find enough candidates, or the roles they are trying to fill.

Whilst the temptation here may be to say that focusing on a single job title is too specific, and that there are so many job titles that are of interest that this will take a very long time, it is important to understand that that this is a long-term, evolving process and it will become part of your everyday way of working. Social media is perfectly geared to well defined, small niches which can be dominated one at a time.

So can you give an example?

Suppose one of your specialties was placing candidates as ‘Agile Project Managers’ – to attract online traffic from both potential candidates and potential employers for this role, you may want to consider social content with the following titles:

  1. Recent salary trends for an Agile Project Manager

– A written article explaining recent trends and salary levels for different levels of experience and different types of employer.

  1. How I found a role as an Agile Project Manager

– A short video interview from a recently placed candidate on how they went about their job search, their interview process etc.

  1. Agile Project Managers – what are the important elements of a successful CV?

– Articles on ‘how to write a good cv’ are widely available (and interestingly, they are also widely read!) but you do not find many geared towards particular roles.

  1. What qualifications are important for the role of Agile Project Manager?

– A short piece written by either a recruitment consultant or an employer, on which are the most relevant qualifications for the role.

  1. What we look for in an Agile Project Manager

– A short bullet-pointed list, presented in Powerpoint slides, of the most important characteristics a particular employer looks for when recruiting for this role.

  1. How did I get here? – My career path as an Agile Project Manager.

– A short video piece from an individual in the role at the moment talking about the roles they have done in the past which prepared them well for their current role.

…and it doesn’t take much imagination to expand this list to 10 different articles or more.

Not only will this approach make content easier to produce and more relevant to people’s roles, but it will attract high numbers of search traffic.

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