B2B social media: Do you need a content plan?

planningIf you are serious about B2B social media, then you must be serious about content: this is what drives your online conversations in a professional and productive way.

Approaching this in a planned, coordinated and well thought-out way will mean that you appear much more professional to your audience. The effect will not just be that the results will come much more quickly, but also that the quality of the audience will be much higher – that is to say, that the right people will be reading your content, for the right reasons.

A content plan and content schedule are the way to get there quickly. At its simplest, this is just a list of all the blog titles you will be producing over the next few months, laid out in a spreadsheet, but it brings a huge number of benefits.

Here are three of the most compelling listed:

1. A content plan allows you to focus on the specific areas of subject matter

If you look at many companies’ blogs, you will see a jumble of various types of content, none of which seem to have a common theme, and most importantly, they are not doing much for the site’s SEO efforts. This is a huge opportunity missed. By Creating content geared to your site’s main target search terms, your traffic will start to grow immediately, and by creating ‘clusters’ of content around a particular subject area, Google will understand that yours is a quality site which is worth serving up in its search results.

2. Your content plan can make sure you have a frequent and regular flow of new material…

…because it gives you a clear overview of the timings of posts. This also improves your SEO rankings, but even more importantly, gives the impression to visitors that your blog is something which you care about rather than something ‘which seemed like a good idea at the time’ but is now neglected.

3. Your content plan gives you a view of your content mix

A content schedule allows you to stand back and check that you have a good mix of content from different authors, of different types, in different formats (video, text etc) and across different categories. This will make sure you are looking after all sections of your audience.

So although we would certainly make sure there is always room for spontaneity, spending time planning and scheduling your content will give you a lot more return on your social media efforts. Need some pointers in the right direction? Give us a call on 0208 894 7563 or email us at info@esocialmedia.co.uk. Alternatively sign up for our email newsletter on the right hand side of this page.