Blog Marketing – how do you know what is working?

Blog marketing can be very time consuming, therefore a high priority should be finding ways to measure how successful it is. Google Analytics is an extraordinary tool which is perfect for this – it can tell you just about anything you want to know about the traffic on your website, and for many people it delivers information which can make the difference between the success and failure of their website.

For some, especially non-technical experts in smaller companies, it can seem rather daunting. Analytics’ complexity can often be regarded as a drawback rather than an advantage. So, for those people who would like a way to find out the most relevant and powerful information concerning their blog marketing pages in a few simple steps, here are the top 3 features to check on Google Analytics on a regular basis. This will take about 15 minutes to do, but will give you information which could transform the success level you are getting from the work you are putting into your content marketing efforts.

1. Blog Marketing and your ‘Superstar’ content

Firstly, log in to your analytics account, and select, using the left hand menu, Content==>Site Content==>All pages (see diagram).

What you are now viewing, is the most popular pages or visitors to your site, if you are putting a lot of effort into your blog content creation, most of entries on this page should be the titles of blog posts.

You should regard the top posts as your ‘superstars’ – find out what they have in common (for example are they predominantly video content? Are they particularly topical? Did you make a particular effort to spread them throughout the social world?) so that you can create more, correlated content.

2. Is the content actually attracting new visitors?

Some readers will view your content because they are already on your site, wheras others will come to your site specifically because of your content. Sort your results by clicking on the column headed ‘Entrances’, and you will get a list of the most powerful attractors of new visitors.

3. Your blog keywords : are they working?

Now for a quick glance at how successful your tagging has been. When you posted these blogs, you may have taken a long time considering which keywords to use, or you may have posted them and have been glad to get it out of the way! For a quick way to tell whether your blogs are attracting the traffic through the keywords you used, click on the ‘Secondary Dimension’ button, then select ‘Traffic sources’ and ‘Keyword’.

This will show you which keywords were used to find your content – to analyse this fully, select ‘Export’ at the top of the page and create a CSV file which you can view in Excel.

Doing all of this should only take about 15 minutes, but you will find that if you do it regularly, it will start to shape the type of content you create and what keywords you focus on which will make your content progressively more popular.

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